Hi there! I'm Rey, a UI/UX, Product Designer. Nice to meet you!

With 4 years experience in UI/UX Design, I have designed products across multiple platforms and technologies.

I use the power of visual, motion and behavioral science principles to influence the behavior of customers and achieve their goals. I try to aim for a win-win solutions that benefits both the user and business that result in a simple, yet effective design.

I’m dedicated to problems and people I set out to design solutions for and thrive on the potential to influence and create better results both for the customer and the business. I always start with fresh eyes and open ears when designing an experience, try to use qualitative and quantitative data to validate assumptions.

My focus is in bringing delightful interfaces, intuitive experiences and creating solutions that provide real value to people.

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Design process

My design process depends on the problem and goals at hand. The most common process is like this.

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Research
  3. Requirements
  4. Ideation
  5. Prototyping & Usability Testing
  6. Delivery
  7. Test

Specific methods vary from project to project but if time permits I always try to gather qualitative & quantitative data at the beginning, design, and prototype to test the assumptions and communicate with developers for specifications. I like using behavioral science theories and specifically the Fogg Behavior Model in making design decisions, understanding the motivation and making the why's clear before pushing any pixels.


I like experimenting and using new tools. Here are some I currently use

  1. Sketch – Interface design
  2. Webflow – Web prototype
  3. Flinto Mac – Android and iOS Prototype
  4. Invision – Prototype and spec for web
  5. Zeplin – Spec and assets for iOS and Android
  6. Adobe Photoshop – Image editing and manipulation
  7. Adobe Illustrator – Illustration and vector design
  8. Pen and paper – Drawing illustration, sketching ideas and thinking on paper